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Welcome to my Gallery! :lol: Prepare your eyeballs for nothing but mindless fangirling, LOTS of shipping, and OC's. OC's everywhere!

My current goal is to upload at least two drawings a week. My scraps are where the majority of my concept art, sketches, wip's, sketchy tutorials, and other such nonsense goes. So if you're interested in that at all, I'd suggest giving that a gander!

Any and all Canon characters that show up in my art belong to their respective owners.

Please do not steal, copy, claim, trace, edit, or use anything that comes from my page without my written permission. Not only is theft wrong and disrespectful to the artist, but its also against the law. How'd you like it if you worked on something for hours only to have someone else steal it and claim it as their own? It would kinda suck wouldnt it?
With that said, please be respectful and don't use my art without my permission. Thank you.


:bulletpink: PLEASE COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. Theres a reason why I put that icon at the bottom of the artist's comments on all of my submissions.
:bulletpink: A Much Needed Stamp by savagebinn Comment/fav respectfully, or get lost. The last thing I want to know is whether you'd wanna bang the characters that show up in my art. Those who post comments like this will be blocked and their comments will be hidden.
:bulletpink: Please dont try to chat with me in the comments. Thats not what I want the comments on my front page or deviations to be used for and chances are I wont respond/the comment will be hidden. ^^; If you REALLY want to talk to me, shoot me a friendly note and maybe I'll be more likely to reply. :)
:bulletpink: Please DO NOT post one-word comments or comments that are just an emoticon. Those kinds of comments do not help me. If anything seeing lazy one-word comments is worse than faving and running.
:bulletpink: I'll never respond positively to comments that are rude, insulting, and/or condescending. I can either be the nicest person alive or the most sarcastic bitch in the world depending on the comment, and I'd much rather be the first than the latter. So please dont be a thorn in my side, otherwise its not gonna turn out well for anyone. :/
:bulletpink: Unless I specifically ask for it, please don't critique my characters or nitpick at the mistakes in my art. I'm probably happy with my characters as is (or I'm already obsessing over fixing their issues) and I'm probably already aware that certain mistakes are present.


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Art Status!


Art Status!

- Requests: NEVER.

- Gift Art: Friends only.

- Art Trades: Friends/people with good art styles. If I don't I like your art style I'm not going to do a trade with you. Nothing personal, I just like an equal trade.

- Commissions: I don't do commissions at the moment. In fact, I have yet to even consider commission prices. If I ever figure this out and open them, I'll be sure to post a journal.

- Point Commissions: Probably never.

- Collabs: Friends only.



Which phone case would you pick to show on Casey's ref? 

7 deviants said…
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1 deviant said I've got an empty space on her ref that I wanna try and fill in-
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Feb 13, 2016
2:42 am
Feb 13, 2016
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Feb 13, 2016
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Feb 13, 2016
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Feb 12, 2016
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Sketches, WIP's, Concept Art, etc GOING TO SCRAPS

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 9:31 PM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

Yeah in case anyone was wondering where my sketchy tutorials and concept art has gone, I moved them all to my scraps. I only want clean and finished artwork in my main gallery. So if you wanna see my sketchy and messy concept stuff, I suggest taking a look over there. IDK if you guys are interested in seeing that kind of stuff at all from me. But thats why I'm planning to put them in scraps instead of my main gallery, so that you don't have to look at them on my main page if you don't want to. The option is just there. 

Plus I could use a digital place to store all of my sketchy self-referential stuff and my scraps are probably the best place for them since thats kindof what it's for. So yeah. My scraps are probably gonna start becoming less bare very soon. ^^;


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Sheridan Clark
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

:rose: Sheri | 17 | Female | INFJ | Aquarius | Straight | Christian :rose:
Hello there! Welcome to my page! Where you will find nothing but fangirling and dorkitude as far as the eye can see! :D I promise I dont bite so please feel free to browse around my gallery with the tabs and leave a comment here and there. ^^ It would really mean a lot! :heart:

Please make sure to check my FAQ and art status before you ask me any questions. The answer you're looking for might be there. Thank you! ^^

I also RP! Be sure to check my RP rules below for info. ^^

:bulletpink: I'm very shy and socially awkward but I become much more friendly once I get comfortable. ^^
:bulletpink: I'm also a master procrastinator and can be hella lazy. So sometimes it takes me a while to upload anything lol.
:bulletpink: At the moment I only make and post art on DA for fun. IDK if this'll ever change in the future.
:bulletpink: I have Aspergers syndrome and Anxiety, which makes me struggle a lot when it comes to talking to people and over all functioning like a normal human being. That being said, I apologize in advance if I come off as rude, aloof, arrogant, or annoying in any way. I promise you I dont do it intentionally. That just comes with the territory and I do it without realizing it. ^^;
:bulletpink: I am Christian and it plays a huge role in my personal life and in my art. It means so much to me as a person and I'd appreciate it if my views and personal morals were respected and that no one forces theirs down my throat. I'm not out to use my beliefs to hurt anybody. If you respect my views, I'll respect yours.
:bulletpink: I use emoticons and internet speak excessively.

:bulletpink: I am a happy CanonxOC/Self-insert shipper (yeah I know, I'm trash) and I also support Crossovers. If you dont like that kind of stuff, then please go click away to something else. ^^
:bulletpink: I'm the kind of person who you'd say is "In love with love". :love: With that said, a lot of what I post is probably gonna be shipping-related and INCREDIBLY sappy and dumb.
:bulletpink: My art style is constantly changing and improving so dont expect a whole lot of consistency with how I draw my characters. Sometimes my way of a drawing a character may change halfway during a character reference, so be sure to take the way I draw my characters with a grain of salt and pay attention more to how I describe them in their bios then to how they come out on paper.
:bulletpink: I fandom hop like crazy so dont expect much consistency when it comes to the fandoms I post about. I may be into one thing one moment, and then I'll be into something else the next. XD
:bulletpink: My art style is influenced by many styles of art and animation, even the art styles of other DA artists. (You go you wonderful creative people-) Which would be too many to list on here one-by-one.
A few of my role models in animation and art style are Glen Keane, James Baxter, Bruce Timm, and Don Bluth.
:bulletpink: My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. :heart: Especially Disney's version. Any book or story that takes inspiration from that plotline is usually something I'll end up enjoying.

:bulletpink: Likes: Pink (Can't you tell? I,D), cartoons/comics, glitter jars,unicorns, stuffed animals, romantic poetry. God/Jesus. Nice people who are fun to talk to. Puppies, bears, sushi, asian food, mac&cheese, chocolate, red-velvet cake, sugar cookies, strawberry-kiwi snapple. Anything sparkly and cute. Lace. Girly/gothic clothing. My OTP's.
:bulletpink:Dislikes: Arrogant, condescending, or rude people, immaturity. Bullies, humid weather. Tomatoes, slow internet. When I cant art for some reason. Most Anime. The color orange. Spiders. Art/writing blocks. Large crowds.
:bulletpink: Fav movie(s): The Prince of Egypt (my all-time favorite film). Phantom of the Opera (2004), Pride and Prejudice (2005). Clueless. Legally Blonde. Despicable Me, The Water Horse, The Last Unicorn, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmerron, Coraline, The Devil's Carnival, Ghostbusters, The Iron Giant

Tumblr:… (Nothing is posted there yet.)
Youtube:… (I upload literally nothing its just a place for me to collect videos and make playlists. I,D)
Email: (for RP purposes)

Yes I do have Skype and FB as well but those are restricted to only family and close friends. If I didnt give it to you myself, I will not add you.


:iconemotegalxd: :iconcatloversjt: :iconshadicover90000: :iconapocalyptic-assassin: :iconaretimes:

These are people who I talk to on a regular basis both on and off DA. They are all precious dorks and I always smile like a doofus whenever I see their comments/messages. :) Love you guys. :heart:

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Okay so
after getting my TMNT character refs, as well as the reference for my SK character, Scarlett, stolen on multiple occasions in the last six months (despite each ref having my watermark on it clear as day), I'm gonna be putting character names on my character reference cards again from now on. 
My only reason for ever taking them off was because with all the adjustments I'm prone to making to my characters, I didnt want anything to be set in stone in case anyone goes through a name change but not a design change. That, and taking them off gave me a bit more space to work with since my workspace can be a tad limited due to my medium. I just wanted to make my life a bit easier. But screw it. It's not worth it if some people have such a lack of respect that they can't leave my characters alone. I'm not gonna allow myself to be an easy target.

Most of the people who have stolen my characters are people on Quotev. And my god...if I had any respect for that site before, I certainly don't now.
Does...does the concept of "Don't steal other people's stuff" just not come as common sense to people anymore? Do kids really need to be educated on basic human morals?
Are you kidding me? Since when was this ever okay?

Just because it's behind a screen doesnt mean its okay. Is like if a kid decides to share a toy of theirs with another kid, but the other kid just goes and takes it, claiming it as theirs. Does that make it theirs? No. It doesnt. That toy still belongs to the kid that was kind enough to share it in the first place, and stealing that toy will not only make that kid angry, but he may decide to stop sharing all together.

If you didnt make it, and werent given permission to use it, its stealing and it can get you in a LOT of trouble. You will always get caught eventually. We arent idiots. People notice this kind of crap and there are consequences for that.

Please, for the sake of all that is good and holy, use your brain and make the respectful choice not to steal other people's characters. It'll make everyone's lives a whole lot easier.
"Good Art doesnt come from focus groups and statistics. It comes from people who share how they see things in their own unique way." - Nostalgia Critic (Cat in the Hat review)

I think that every artist should know that this exists. Someday I pray someone makes this into a plaque so that I can buy it and hang it on my wall-
Its officially on my bucket to one day sit and binge-watch the entire Batman Animated Series all the way through.
SK: CxS Musophobia by MajesticReaper  I think I'm just gonna have to come to terms with the fact that I am never going to be able to redraw this pose and that I should just stop trying. I,D
That moment when you kinda wanna drop a certain fandom because you know you rarely ever go to it and has no real point in sticking around, but at the same time you worked really hard on your OC for it and you'd feel bad having to delete an OC that was actually pretty decent.


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